Why Garage Door Openers Become Malfunction

There are many reasons why garage door opener becomes malfunction. The most common reason is that the garage door tracks become misaligned or dented. Another reason is that the chain of the opener is too tight or too loose. Loose or broken garage door springs will also affect the performance of the garage door opener. If you are experiencing the problem of a malfunctioning garage door opener and thinking how is the best garage door repair near me then you are on the right page. Let’s go into the common problems in detail and share with you some effective solutions.

First of all, let’s check what happens to your garage door opener. If garage door tracks are misaligned, a garage door will not go up and down smoothly and evenly. It is due to the tracks putting the least amount of resistance on the motor. If the tracks have been damaged, the bad pressure will burn the motor of the opener. This pressure is very bad on the motor and will ultimately damage it. Make sure that garage door tracks are free from obstructions and aligned correctly to reduce the resistance. They are super easy to fix even if you do not have special expertise. You can adjust them easily by just losing the mounting brackets. If the tracks are wiggling, simply ass more brackets which will cost you only few dollars.

The second garage door opener killer is the chain itself. Periodic maintenance of chains will help the opener to last longer. If the chain is loose, it will cause the motor to slip and will not function. When the chain has slipped, the garage door goes faster than normal speed and the motor will continue to run according to its default timer.

It will burn out the motor as it is like putting a hurdle in front of a moving car. Simply tightened the loose chain and adjust the tension of the springs to make the garage door opener function properly. Make sure there is no slack of chain but don’t overtighten the chains as it will also put additional pressure on the system.

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Another reason is the coil of springs. They are extremely dangerous to fix on your own as they hold a great amount of pressure. Professional garage door experts suggested that you should replace the springs every 5 to 7 years depending on the quality of the springs and usage of the garage door. The best and the safest plan is to have a professional garage door service come out and inspect the garage door every year.