Milly’s Tavern offers an extraordinary experience for our most valued customers. Because of that, we offer a wide range of products and specialties all made to satisfy your thirst and cravings:


Nachos – the all-time favorite here in Milly’s takes on a new level as we offer different variants of this famous dish. They are house made tortilla with various choices for toppings and sauce.

Chicken Wings – this is perfect for different kinds of sauces available. Our dipping sauce is perfectly made to match the hype of our chicken wings. We have ranch sauce, dill cream, verde sauce, barbeque and buffalo.

Battered Chicken Platter – your squad will definitely enjoy this meal as we also offer a wide range of choices for dipping sauce. This full dish is one of the specialties of Milly’s.


Milly’s Belgian White – this famous beer in Milly’s is a product of pure imagination and skill of our beer crafters. With the sweetness of orange peel mixed with proper amount of coriander and oats, this Belgian White is indeed a bomber for those who want to experience an unforgettable drink.

Milly’s Mango Beer – mango lovers do not need to go to other places just to satisfy their thirst for their mango beer. Here at Milly’s, we consider mango as one of the best ingredients to mix our beers with. Its soothing taste and fresh aroma is a wonderful experience.

Milly’s Honey Wheat – honey is considered as a playful ingredient. And so Milly’s has taken advantage of our skillful crafters who can play with it. With the perfect combination of honey and white wheat, this beer will definitely give a nice kick of sweet and tasty experience.

Milly’s Gingerbread Spice – this is an extraordinary flavor dedicated for people who always love something new. The perfect combination of ginger and yellow wheat is indeed an unforgettable experience.