Love for Alcohol Drinks

When I became an official adult, it was the very first time I tasted and drank alcohol. At first, I didn’t like the taste of some alcoholic beverages such as beer since it was a bit bitter in taste. However, maybe it was the same impression other first timers also had when they tried it. Anyway, that never really became a setback because it started my love for alcohols. I love how I can try different types of drinks when I go to various events. For me, it’s amazing if an event serves several types of alcoholic drinks so people could have a variety of choices or at least try different ones as well.  


Last month, my friend brought me to a place since she wanted to celebrate getting a new house and selling her old one successfully to the She was very happy with her new home so she wanted me to accompany her to this tavern she really loved and just bond together because we haven’t really seen each other for quite a while. My friend told me a lot about this place and true enough, the tavern was really beautiful and cozy for people to visit. I really loved the ambiance and how it immediately calmed me the moment we walked right it. The maître d’hôtel was very friendly and accommodating as well which added to the charm of the place.  


But then, when we ordered our drinks, I was even more impressed because everything they served was delicious. I trust my friend’s taste when it comes to alcohols since we are both fond of it. In fact, she was my tasting partner as we try new drinks in different places. We both have the same habit of drinking when we have time and to collect vintage wines and other alcoholic drinks that are good. I make sure to balance my consumption because why I learned that alcohols may have a good effect, it can have bad effects too. I want to veer away from these bad effects so I try to be conscious of the amount I drink. When drinking, it is always good to make sure we only take only enough that we can still stay sober especially when these drinks contain different substances that will instantly get you drunk if you have a low tolerance. 


Since then, even if I am going out with my friends to drink in bars, taverns, restaurants or in the events we attend, I still make sure that everything I take is balanced. I don’t want to end up taking too much and let my health worsen because of binge drinking. I love alcohols and I’m really fond of wines but I guess it’s still good to make sure that we are aware of the good and bad things it can bring to us. Even if it’s hard not to drink as much as I want, I still like to be a responsible drinker not just for my health but for the people around me. After all, if ever I get sick because of my love for these things, I have no one to blame but myself.  


I’m sure you could do the same too – love various types of drinks yet a responsible drinker who cares about your own health as well.