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Craft Brewed Beer

What’s on Tap?

Fisher Cat Ale 
This beer is our tribute to lawnmowers, fishing and baseball. It’s made with European Pilsner malt, pale straw in color, and is our lightest bodied beer. We hop it mildly with German Hallertau, a traditional noble variety that lends a clean and smooth character to this crowd pleaser.
O.G.: 1.036 IBUs: 12  ABV: 3.8%

Mt. Uncanoonuc Golden Cream Ale
This multi award winner is straw colored, light bodied with a slight hint of malt and a balanced hop flavor. We ferment this ale longer and at a colder temperature to give it a crisp, creamy finish.
O.G.: 1.040 IBUs: 19  ABV: 4.3%

  • 1997 Great American Beer Festival Bronze Medal
  • 1998 Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal
  • 2013 Great International  Beer Festival Silver Medal

Amoskeag Harvest Ale
This golden colored ale has a medium body and a moderate bitterness that has long made it a pub favorite.
O.G.: 1.044 IBUs: 18  ABV: 4.8%

Tasha’s Red Tail Ale
Amber colored ale with a rich caramel malt character, balanced by a bit of bitterness and a great finish.
O.G.: 1.044  IBUs: 25  ABV: 4.8%

General John Stark Dark Porter
Named after General John Stark, the famous Revolutionary war hero. This brown porter has a full body, complex malt character a subtle chocolate flavor.
O.G.: 1.050 IBUs : 25 ABV: 5.4%

  • 1998 World Beer Championships Bronze Medal
  • 2006 Great International Beer Festival 1st Place-Porter

Milly’s Oatmeal Stout
Our award winning ale is a traditional sweet stout. Rolled oats bring out the flavor and richness. It is full bodied and is a meal in itself.
O.G.: 1.050 IBUs: 35 ABV: 4.9%

  • 1998 World Beer Cup Gold Medal
  • 1998 World Beer Championships Silver Medal

Manch-Vegas I.P.A.
Traditional American Style India Pale ale, amber in color, hoppy from the start to finish. If you like Cascade hops you’ll love this beer.
O.G.: 1.054 IBUs: 50  ABV: 5.4% 

Bo’s Scotch Ale
A traditional scotch ale, caramel and malt sweetness dominates the palate. A full bodied ale that?s higher in alcohol content than most, making it a great after dinner sipper, but definitely not for the mild at heart.
O.G.: 1.093 IBUs : 25 ABV: 9.5% 

  • 2013 Great International Beer Festival Gold Medal

Seasonal & Specialty Brews

Here you’ll find a collection of our seasonal & specialty beers

Peter’s Peevish Pumpkin ( Sour Pumpkin Ale)

An amber, rich colored beer with the creamy lasting head and nice lacing.  Smells of currants, pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves.  Tasted sour and delicious.

OG: 1.044  ABV: 5%  IBU: 14.6

Hoplicious APA
A crisp, sweet American Pale Ale, brewed with an assortment of American Hops from the Pacific Northwest. Moderate bitterness and carbonation deliver a delicious, citrus finish.
O.G.: 1.052  ABV%: 5.7  IBU: 45.9


Crabby Apple

A nice fresh apple aroma to draw you in. The first taste will be pleasantly sweet to start and with a  nice dry tartness as if you were biting in to an as apple.

O.G.:1.044    ABV%: 4.5   IBU:8



Bison Black (Black I.P.A )

A beautiful roasty black body with a refreshing hoppy finish.

O.G. 1.044   ABV%:4.1



This is an unfiltered, full flavored, Belgian style wheat beer.  True to its style, the beer is noticeably sour with a delicate balance of clove and banana ester notes. Brewed with 50% wheat malt, it has a beautiful pale straw color and thick head, yet is light-bodied enough to not be too filling, a specialty beer that aficionados of the style will certainly enjoy.
O.G.: 1:048 ABV: 5.8% IBUs: 12.7
Comparable Styles: Lindeman’s Framboise



Milly’s Famous Pumpkin Ale
This is one of our most popular beers. Brewed with fresh picked New Hampshire grown pumpkins and lightly spiced. Try a pint rimmed with our house blend of sugar and spices. Get this one fast, before it’s all gone!
O.G.: 1.044 ABV: 5% IBUs: 14.6
2010 New Hampshire Brewer’s Festival fan favorite.
Comparable Styles: Harvest Moon, Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale.

Root Beer                                                           
 Our special house recipe. A delicious, bubbly non-alcoholic beverage.


Can’t Get Enough?

All Milly’s Tavern Beers are available to go in our handsome 64 oz. growlers, as well as in 1/6, 1/4, and 1/2 barrel kegs. Prices and availability will vary, so please ask your server/bartender for more information.

Growler Pricing 
New Growler: $26
New Growler High ABV: $28
Growler Refill: $14
Growler Refill High ABV: $16