About Us

Are you craving for a bomb that would add fun to your night with your friends? Are you thirsty for a punch that would definitely hit you hard and that would not make you forget the night before? Do you want to enjoy the moment of the morning after? Well there is no doubt; you are on the perfect website!

For almost half a century, Milly’s Tavern has been there to provide the best brewed drinks for all its loyal consumers and drinkers. It has a tradition of putting into priority nothing but the customers’ satisfaction. It has dedicated itself to be the best brewery in town.

For many customers, Milly’s has been a special part in celebrating their occasions. We aim to make every celebration unforgettable with our product. We are confident that your celebrations will be elevated at an higher level with our brewed drinks. You don’t have to look for other brewing company because at Milly’s Tavern, you will be given everything.

Milly’s Tavern is one of the pioneering companies in the craft beer industry.  It has committed itself to not only enhance the quality of our product but also to provide hospitable services, helping the local community by gathering our pure ingredients from our local suppliers, providing jobs to our community members and maintaining the wellness and proper health of our environment by using natural ingredients only.

We are very passionate to give our customers an exceptional quality product that will make them come back for more. We know that as long as we can satisfy the thirst of our loyal customers, we are doing what would make us successful. We started as a small company composed of friends and families but because of your trust and faith in what we can do, we are now serving thousands of customers across the globe.