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Benefits of drinking beer

Many of us would love to have a beer to chill out the night. We like the soothing effect of beer in our body. For most people, beer is their favorite drink because it has a unique blend that suits their taste buds. But of course, drinking beer should be moderated. Too much beer would definitely lead you to have a liver disease that could be fatal.

There are people who love beer but of course, there are people who don’t because of health reasons or concerns. But here are some of the benefits of drinking beer to your health. So after reading this, you might consider driving your car out of your garage door in Las Vegas, Nevada to have a drink somewhere.

Helps reduce the risk of heart disease

Beer has natural anti-oxidants that can help drinkers to lessen the risk of having a heart disease. The chemical called phenols can actually help the heart function properly. However, taking in too much amounts of beer can lead to a fatal heart disease.

Help protect against Alzheimer’s disease

According to studies, aluminum possibly causes Alzheimer’s disease. A type of silicone from beer can actually help protect the brain from aluminum hence decreasing the possibility of acquiring a cognitive impairment and dementia.

Lower risk of diabetes

People suffering from diabetes can actually benefit from drinking beer moderately. It has soluble fiber that helps people to absorb less sugar. In addition, the alcohol content of beer can help increase insulin sensitivity which can help prevent the development of diabetes.

Help prevent kidney stones

Beer can actually lower the risk of developing kidney stones because of its high water content.  This helps to flush out toxins that are dangerous for the body. Beer also has chemical compounds that slow down the release of calcium in the body. Lost calcium is reliable for the kidney stones as these stones are actually accumulated excess of calcium.

Helps minimize the risk of cancer

Beer contains a chemical compound called Xanthohumol which is a very powerful anti-cancer property. They help fend off cancer-causing enzymes in the body. Beer helps men to avoid getting prostate cancer while it helps women to prevent the development of breast cancer in women.

Help in managing blood pressure

There are compounds that help in managing blood pressure specifically in women. They help in controlling the blood pressure of women aged 20-45.

Helps in strengthening the bones

Studies suggest that drinking 1 to 2 glass of beer may help strengthen the bones. This is credited to the fact that the bones have decent levels of silicon which is linked to the bone health. Studies show that people who are moderate drinkers of beer actually have lesser risk to develop bone fracture.

Help treat dandruff

This is one of the most interesting facts about beer. They can help in treating dandruff. This is because beer has high levels of yeast and vitamin B which could help avoid fungi.

Tips to avoid belly fat when drinking

One of probably the most noticeable signs you are drinking too much beer is the presence of your belly fat. Yep! While drinking is a very enjoyable fun experience, many people just couldn’t take the fact that they might develop belly fat. But you don’t have to worry about it if you will do the right thing. Just follow these tips and enjoy your beer without developing belly fat.

When drinking, eat protein-high food than fatty foods

Alcohol intake actually reduces the speed of dissolving body fat. Hence, if you will eat fatty food while drinking, the body will store it than dissolve it. it is advisable to stay away from fatty food.

Avoid binge food

While it is more enjoyable to have a plate of crispy fried pork while drinking beer, it would more likely increase the rate of your body gaining weight if you would not control your food. The key is that moderate drinking should be aligned with moderate eating.

Drink beers with a high alcohol-to-calorie ratio

Beers have a high amount of calorie which helps you gain weight and store fat. So choose a drink that has a high alcohol content but low calorie count. You would avoid avoiding belly fat if you will choose this ratio.

Do not consume sugary products while drinking

Eating ice cream or chocolates while drinking beer is a no-no. The calorie content of beers would add up to the calorie content of these sweet treats. Hence, it would only trigger your body to store more fat than dissolve them. Do not consume sweet products or fruits when drinking.

Moderate your drinking practices

It is a must that your drinking practices should be controlled and be moderated. Too much consumption of beer would lead to health problems that would be hard to treat if not attended properly.

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